Out of Your Mind Pigment Dyed Hoodie

Out of Your Mind Pigment Dyed Hoodie
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This hoodie is a must-have addition to your wardrobe that combines comfort, style, and a touch of nautical charm. With a captivating design on both the front and back, this hoodie allows you to embrace the allure of the sea and showcase your love for marine life.

 Key Features:

  • Dual Design Elegance: Our hoodie boasts a small circular design on the front, with the larger design on the back capturing the magic of the ocean, with the sailboat sailing near a beach.

  • Drawstring Hood and Front Pocket: Stay cozy and snug with the drawstring hood, easily adjustable to fit your preferences. The front pocket adds a practical touch, perfect for keeping your hands warm or carrying small essentials wherever you go.

  • Premium 100% Cotton: Crafted from pure, high-quality cotton, our hoodie offers unbeatable softness and breathability.

  • Two colors: Ink and oatmeal