Name a Hatchling

Have you ever wanted to name one of our sea turtle patients? Now you can support Loggerhead Marinelife Center by symbolically naming a sea turtle hatchling for $150! Hatchlings are brought to our hospital mostly during nesting season here in Palm Beach County when they appear disorientated. All hatchlings are brought to us were either rescued by our research team or brought to us by beach goers. Once they have gained strength and the waters are clear, we will take them approximately 5 miles offshore to the sargassum line to be released, where they spend the early years of their lives. To find out more about the hatchlings, click here.
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Name a Hatchling

Your adoption directly benefits the continued care and treatment of our sick and injured sea turtles. It helps provide the food, medication, hospital care and tank maintenance critical to their health. 

Package Breakdown:

$150 Deluxe Package

  • A personalized adoption certificate
  • Subscription to our monthly enewsletter
  • Educational materials
  • 5 x 7 glossy photo in custom frame
  • LMC wood sticker
  • Plush sea turtle
  • LMC reusable bag
  • Reusable straw
  • LMC designer hat

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