Rooted In Conservation: Vendor Spotlight with MANG

Rooted In Conservation: Vendor Spotlight with MANG

Posted by Loggerhead Marinelife Center on 27th May 2021

Where are you from and currently reside?

I am from West Palm Beach, FL and currently reside in North Palm Beach, FL.

Items sold in LMC’s gift store:

The LMC carries several MANG items, including our line of UPF 50 men’s, women’s and youth performance shirts, which feature our iconic mangrove themed turtle designs.

Can you expand on MANG’s Buy One. Plant One. initiative?

MANG’s Buy One. Plant One. initiative is simple. For every product we sell at MANG, we plant a mangrove for our customers! MANG started growing mangroves in our back yard 6 years ago and has continued to grow and plant mangroves all across the state of Florida and around the world.

By purchasing MANG apparel, how are consumers improving water quality and supporting marine life?

When you purchase a product from MANG, you are giving directly back to our ecosystems. Mangroves are a keystone species for the world’s coastlines and an important piece to healthy inshore ecosystems. More mangroves means more biodiversity for fish, bird and crustacean species, which has a direct impact on water quality.

How are your products made and sourced with sustainability in mind?

Our UPF50 shirts are made in Columbia in LEED certified buildings, once they get to Florida we print our goods on demand to minimize waste in Pompano Beach, FL. In addition, in 2020 we launched a fully sustainable organic cotton t-shirt to our line of products that are leading the way for a greener future.

What other exciting projects or rollouts can supporters look forward to in 2021?

At the end of 2020, MANG launched a mangrove effort in the Northern Bahamas to help restore coastlines devastated by hurricane Dorian. MANG is also working on a 1,500 mangrove installation with Bureau of Land Management at the Jupiter Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area set to be complete in August.

What do you hope to see your business accomplish in the next five years?

MANG’s five-year goal is to be recognized as an international planting company dedicated to education, restoration and apparel. Pushing the curtain on sustainability and continuing to curate a culture that loves the environment as much as we do!