8 Blue Items Inspired by Pantone’s “Color of the Year” to Support Ocean Conservation

8 Blue Items Inspired by Pantone’s “Color of the Year” to Support Ocean Conservation

Posted by Loggerhead Marinelife Center on 16th Jul 2020

Earlier this year, Pantone selected “Classic Blue” as the Color of the Year for 2020. Designed to instill calm, confidence, and connection, the blue hue reminds us of the healing and connecting powers of the ocean.

Our ocean is the lifeblood of our planet with 70% of our Earth comprised of water. It functions as the Earth’s circulatory system, regulating climate and producing oxygen to keep our planet healthy. Outside of our biological dependence on marine ecosystems, many of us find solace in sunrises at the beach, swimming in the waves, or breathing in the salty air.

All water used by us and our communities eventually flow out to the ocean through watersheds. Touching every continent, the ocean connects us all no matter where we live. Our ocean heals, connects, and reminds us that we are all part of one blue planet.

At Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC), “Classic Blue” has been a part of our color scheme since inception to mimic the spectrum of blue hues found in our ocean. And in these trying times, it’s become clear that many of us are in need of peace and unity. On par with Pantone, we’ve selected eight items to help promote calmness amid the chaos.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center's online store features blue, ocean-inspired art designed by local South Florida artist, Kelly Tract.

True Blue Turtle Art Print: Let these buzzy blue colors transport you to the different coastal ecosystems that sea turtles travel around the globe. Artist Kelly Tract, a South Florida artist, creates and hand signs her limited edition art prints for your decorative eye. While sea turtles return to nest on the same stretch of beach year after year, outside of nesting season they travel to forage for food. To protect our global migrators, we must band together worldwide to create a safer marine environment.

Turtle Moon Art Print: Capture the beauty of nesting season with these limited, handcrafted and signed prints. Emerging hatchlings are hardwired to head towards the brightest light (the moon), but can become disoriented due to nearby residential homes or businesses. Consider it a friendly reminder to turn off the lights to reduce light pollution when displaying this print in your home!

Loggerhead Marinelife Center celebrates Pantone’s Color of The Year with blue apparel.

Long Sleeve Dri-Fit Sea Turtle: The health of our oceans depends on the health of marine life and plants that inhabit it, including mangroves. The founders of MANG designed their apparel to inspire others to help the protection of coastal ecosystems. Sport this light blue, sun shirt and go double-duty in conserving both loggerhead sea turtles and mangroves. *Choice Matters. Responsible Sourcing.

Irish Whiskey Short Sleeve T-Shirt: Support LMC’s sea turtle hospital by showing off this soft and simple t-shirt. Touched with a muted light blue, this tee is designed to remind you of the pristine, clear waters located behind LMC’s Center.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s online store offers items in various shades of blue, including light blue.

Blue LMC Sea Turtle Baseball Hat: Spread awareness surrounding sea turtle rehabilitation and conservation with LMC’s sea turtle hat. Purchasing this hat directly supports the rehabilitation of the Center’s sea turtle patients, including patients like Galapagos. Keep tropical ecosystems top-of-mind with this LMC purchase.

Inis Striped Sling Bag: This blue and white striped patterned bag will have you on island time. Responsibly sourced, this product is made with natural, unbleached cotton. Stay posh and promote ocean conservation during spring and summer outings. *Choice Matters. Responsible Sourcing.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center features sustainable, responsibly sourced items designed in hues of blue to promote ocean conservation.

4ocean Bracelet: 4ocean’s signature blue bracelet supports the clean ocean movement. Every purchased bracelet funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastline. The cord of the bracelet is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, while the glass beads are made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottles. Add to your arm candy and reduce your use of single-use plastics to keep our ocean clear, blue and free of pollution. *Choice Matters. Reduced Waste. Responsible Sourcing.

Splash Box: Splash Box’s blue water, bento box offers a sustainable alternative to plastic containers or bags. The water-tight lid allows for tossing in a lunch bag, backpack, or briefcase without worry about leaking. Use sustainable containers to pack lunch or take food-to-go at restaurants. The blue top will cater to a more mindful lifestyle and help reduce your use of single-use plastics. *Choice Matters. Reduced Waste. Responsible Sourcing.


*All purchases made through Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s retail outlets directly support sea turtle and ocean conservation, however, the Choice Matters sustainable commerce program takes this one step further. The newly rolled-out program focuses on highlighting items in one of three categories (Made In The USA, Reduced Waste, or Responsible Sourcing), as well as items made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo and 100% cotton. Learn more at Choice Matters.