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LMC Rescue Sticker


Education. Research. Sea Turtle Rehabilitation.

Show support for your favorite organization by purchasing one of these stickers.

4x6 sticker, on double vinyl. 

Love them!
Posted 19th Dec 2017 by Molly B.

Great, high quality stickers, absolutely love them!

loggerhead rescue stickers
Posted 27th Dec 2016 by lisa fielder

Every time we visit our family in west palm our children, especially our oldest (6YO), beg us to visit the sea turtle hospital. Last winter break they had the opportunity to participate in the vet clinic and have talked about it since. So we put together a "sea turtle kit" for him to work on his sea turtles. The stickers went on the first aid box. He lost his MIND when he opened it! We'll see you in March!

Awesome Decal!!
Posted 22nd Dec 2016 by undefined

I love this decal!! As the other review stated, the Red Cross for the Sea Turtle Hospital stands right out. It will draw the attention of others and hopefully benefit the Sea Turtles in the future. I did buy a Adopt a Sea Turtle packet, and thought that one of these decals should have been included.

Awesome Sticker!
Posted 22nd Jan 2015 by undefined

Such a cool sticker. I love how it has the red cross for the sea turtle hospital!

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4" x 6" oval LMC rescue sticker