Vendor Spotlight: Coastal Obsession

Vendor Spotlight: Coastal Obsession

Posted by Loggerhead Marinelife Center on 25th Sep 2018

Name: Nance Gentile
Gift Store Items/Business:Coastal Obsession
Location of Business: Tequesta, Florida

Dream Superpower: Hmmmmm… that’s a good one! I feel there is not enough Empathy in the world. So, as my superpower with the blink of my eye (genie style) maybe arms crossed too, I would make people kinder, able to think of others, maybe what they’ve been through. They would look at the world around them and think, “What can I do to help others and the planet, not so quick to judge others, but instead embrace them?” WOW, wouldn’t that be nice!

How was your business founded? Coastal Obsession was founded because I have a strong belief that if you have a passion for something and can combine it with giving back to help others, happiness will follow and everyone wins!

What was the inspiration? My inspiration is the ocean, the beaches and its inhabitants. For us to survive, we must make sure they survive.

What was the initial response to the designs? The response was and continues to be awesome! A lot of our graphics reflect the feelings of our customers. People like to show and support what they feel in their hearts, kind of like wearing their hearts on their sleeves or in our case…wearing their feelings on our T-shirts.

Tell us about your product and what separates it from similar products? Each one of our products has a story of its own. Some are collaborations with new artist with the same mindset as ours. Sometimes we like to send a message with our graphics about the environment, or it could simply be something I think would be amazing to wear. But, all that are sold go to help 1% for the Planet, a nonprofit we believe in, and Loggerhead Marinelife Center, another nonprofit near and dear to our hearts. We donate the race bags each year for “Run 4 the Sea”. There are other brands out there that give back. We each have our own unique style with the same goal in mind. We’re happy to be part of a club like that.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve heard when it comes to chasing your dreams? Never give up, and stay true to yourself! Both pieces of advice, I gave to myself.