The Ocean Is Calling: Vendor Spotlight with Big Blue

The Ocean Is Calling: Vendor Spotlight with Big Blue

Posted by Loggerhead Marinelife Center on 20th Apr 2021

Name: Roland St. John

Company: Big Blue by Roland St. John

Where are you from and currently reside?

Putnam, Connecticut.

Items sold in LMC gift store:

Various sea life jewelry and gifts. Items vary from key chains, necklaces and earrings as well as different finishes from bronze, sterling silver and more! 

How did you become inspired to sculpt your handmade jewelry?

Scuba diving and shooting videos of marine life since 1990. I then use the footage I capture to sculpt my work. The footage enables me to capture the animals in motion, which helps sculpt realistic as well as his contemporary works of art.

What is your mission behind crafting these artisan designs?

To bring awareness to the beauty of marine life and how we can help protect our oceans. Fortunately, I'm not the only one with this mindset. Rather, there is the Ocean Artist Society that I'm a part of that was founded by Wyland, Guy Harvey, and Bob Talbot, which unites artists to inspire people around the world to help preserve our natural world.

What mindful materials are used to ensure that each item is sustainably made?

Our metals are ethically sourced and our cords are made from partially recycled cotton and are eco and animal friendly.

Do you have any new designs/species in the works?

I will be working on more home decor as well as some new jewelry designs.

Why should more shoppers care about making eco-friendly purchases?

To help create awareness and keeping our oceans healthy and blue for generations to come. These purchases also help teach others to cut down on plastics and additional practices to protect the Earth.