Protected: 5 Items For Stress Relief

Protected: 5 Items For Stress Relief

Posted by Loggerhead Marinelife Center on 14th Sep 2020

Stress Relief & Self Care

It seems like decades worth of stressful events have occurred so far this year –  the COVID-19 pandemic, brush fires in Australia, Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing and so much more. With all of the chaos surrounding us, it is time we all took a stress relief break, especially since we are returning to school and work with unprecedented adjustments in place.

In past years, the start of fall typically signifies exciting and new changes – and brings on thoughts of warmness and relaxation. But in our new normal, many of us have new stressors, making it difficult to find time to relax. In an effort to make this fall more cozy and comfortable, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite products for stress relief. While we all have a lot on our plates to tackle before the year ends, it’s necessary to take a step away and practice some self-care or spend time with loved ones. Remember to treat yourself and that we will all get through this together. In the spirit of writer Terri Guillemets, “Give your stress wings and let it fly away!”

5 Items For Stress Relief

1. Candles

Whether you’re just getting home from a long day or in the middle of a stressful work-from-home routine, lighting a candle is a surefire way to soothe the soul. While the light flicker of the flame draws us in, the scent of the candle aids our senses into a relaxed state. P.F. Candle Co., a company located in the U.S.A., which produces vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free products that are a better option for the environment! If you’re more of an incense lover, P.F. Candle Co., has you covered with four fantastic scents to choose from, including their flagship scent Teakwood & Tobacco. Light a candle, take a bath, and read up on the latest sustainability trends. *This item is part of our sustainable commerce, Choice Matters program and is made in the U.S.A.

Piñon Soy Candle
Loggerhead Marinelife Center suggests lighting a candle as a means for stress relief.

2. Soap Lift

Self-care is one of the best ways to relax and is often recommended as a best practice for stress relief. While everyone’s ideal self-care looks different, it is hard to argue with the relaxing properties of a nice shower or bath.  Soap Lift protects your soap from turning into a slimy mess and can be used in the shower, in soap dishes or even on countertops. Not only will you feel good, but the planet will too thanks to Soap Lift’s bioplastic build. *This item is part of our sustainable commerce, Choice Matters program and is made in the U.S.A and responsibly sourced.

Soap Lift
Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s Soap Lift is made in the U.S.A and responsibly sourced.

3. Slip into Socks and Slippers

Studies have shown that how we dress can affect our mood. If you are in need of some TLC in the next few months, slip into the fall feeling by adorning comfort from head to toe! Top off your leisure wardrobe with a pair of cozy  socks and slippers. Once you are warm and cozy and dressed for relaxation, curl up to watch Netflix or read a book. Whatever your idea of a well-deserved relaxing night looks like, comfort and stress relief is key. *This item directly supports the conservation of sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Sayings Crew Socks
Loggerhead Marinelife Center offers a variety of socks and slippers that support the conservation of sea turtles.

4. Plushies

As children around the country return to school, they’re facing new challenges that will make this school year a bit harder to navigate. Many children will experience the typical stress associated with school, but this year’s adjustments certainly add to the new school year nerves. Plushies are a great way to comfort children and provide a new, soft and squishy friend. Sea turtle lovers everywhere will adore our  Conservation Turtle, while Kya the Mermaid will remind your hatchling to go with the ocean flow. Reduce your favorite hatchlings’ back-to-school jitters with a comfort buddy! *This item is part of our sustainable commerce, Choice Matters program and is made with recycled materials.

Conservation Turtle
A soft plushie toy can help comfort a children as they return to school in-person or virtually.

5. Adopt A Sea Turtle

Over the years, research has found that it can be beneficial for us to enjoy “cute” or “fluffy” content. Some studies have suggested that watching or viewing photos and videos of cute animals can  lift your mood and help build your resilience to stress. When you adopt a sea turtle hatchling from our Center, you will receive photos and emails regarding hatchling sea turtles. Hang the adoption certificate in your house or on your desk to brighten your mood each day! Smile extra wide knowing that your adoption helped save a life. *Purchase of a sea turtle adoption directly supports the care and rehabilitation of Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s sea turtle patients.

Adopt A Sea Turtle

Some studies have suggested that watching or viewing photos and videos of cute animals can be an effective method for stress relief.

*All purchases made through Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s retail outlets directly support sea turtle and ocean conservation. However, the Choice Matters sustainable commerce program takes this one step further. The newly rolled-out program focuses on highlighting items in one of three categories (Made In The USA, Reduced Waste, or Responsible Sourcing), as well as items made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo and 100% cotton. Learn more at Choice Matters.