Stamped For The Sea : Vendor Spotlight With Caretta Coast Co

Stamped For The Sea : Vendor Spotlight With Caretta Coast Co

Posted by Loggerhead Marinelife Center on 26th Oct 2020

Items sold in LMC gift store: Wave Wish BraceletBeach Waves Anklet, Sea Turtle Wish BraceletSea Turtle Floral Decal and more! To note, our wish bracelets are hand stamped. 

Where are you from and currently reside?

I was born and raised in South Bend, IN. I lived so far from the ocean but always felt close to it. After visiting LMC at their old facility I decided to apply for their internship. So in 2008 I traveled to Juno Beach. It was there that I met my future husband, Dylan. Our little family currently resides in Central Florida.

What are some of your fan favorite items?

Our hand stamped wish bracelets are absolutely the top fan favorite. We have so many styles ranging from ocean animals to home states to inspiration for difficult times; there is truly a style for everyone. At artisan markets customers flock to our vintage silver-plate spoon bookmarks. I hand stamp many with ocean scenes. They are quite unique which makes them a fan favorite for gift buying.

Are there any new designs or products you’re excited to roll out in the future?

With the upcoming holiday season our shop will be rolling out hand stamped ornaments. This is something new for us this year. We are excited to showcase a little bit of “Christmas in Florida” with a few uncommon holiday designs.

You have been kind enough to offer your items in our store to support ocean conservation. What other missions do you support in which you supply your products?

Recently we launched a new section in our shop called “Charity Bracelets”. I wanted to highlight smaller organizations who are out there doing amazing things in the world. Our first bracelet in the line is our Save the Sharks charm bracelet. We donate $5 from each bracelet sold to the Shark Spotters Organization. The next installment to the line will be dropped in our shop this month.

Do you implement any sustainable practices in how you make your items?

Like most small businesses we immediately started using a boat load of paper. Whether is was for scrap notes, lists of supplies or information for artisan markets. We quickly noticed this was a problem. I was able to buy a couple of LCD writing tablets online last year. It seems like such a small thing but we have saved so much paper from being wasted. Around that time I also took a look at our packaging. Our shipping bags were switched to 100% recyclable bags and now we use recycled kraft paper bags at markets instead of single use plastic. Some of our items are up-cycled as well. We find many silver plate spoons/forks which have the plating worn off and are considered trash at that point. We are able to hammer them down, hand stamp words onto them and turn them into rustic plant markers. This gives them a second life and they are kept out of landfills.

What’s your proudest business accomplishment to date? 

We have been able to start working with a number of businesses and organizations this year for wholesale. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. To have the items we make and love being put out in the world is a great feeling. Furthermore, LMC has special meaning for my husband and myself. Being able to provide product for LMC is another distinguished moment this year.