Sea Turtle, Hatchling, Leatherback Face Masks

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Sea Turtle, Hatchling, Leatherback Face Masks

These non-medical, fabric adult face masks are handmade in Florida by Wendy Barnes Designs. Designed from original pen and ink artwork.

Black elastic bands loop around ears.

100% cotton fabric (2 layers) with filter pocket.

Filter not included- please follow CDC's advice for suggested filter types.

Machine washable cotton- it is recommended you wash your mask after every use.

Face Masks are Not Eligible to be Returned for Sanitary Reasons

*Please note that we understand most will use this face mask for coronavirus protection but they are not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment, and in circumstances where medical grade Personal Protective Equipment is recommended, you should consult your health care professional. The decision to use this wrap as a mask is solely your own. Please remember that use of a face mask is not intended to replace other recommended methods to stop the spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, hand-washing, and avoiding touching your face. Follow the latest recommendations of the CDC and your health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe.