Jellyfish Sterling Silver Aqua Crystal Necklace

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Jellyfish Sterling Silver Aqua Crystal Necklace

The Sterling Silver Aqua Crystal Jellyfish Necklace reminds us to move with the flow. It is a reminder to let the world see us for who we are. Its Aqua Crystals enhance inner serenity, and the umbrella-like jellyfish head increases emotional security. Its blue hues help strengthen self-expression. This necklace reminds us to live joyously in the moment.

This sterling silver necklace is a charming accessory featuring a crystal-studded jellyfish pendant design. The jellyfish head has the shape of an umbrella, while its tentacles feature wavy lines that evoke a feeling of flow.

A plain bail links the pendant to an 18″ .925 Sterling Silver chain. The chain has a 2″ adjustable extension, which lets the wearer choose the preferred necklace length.
Jellyfish jewelry is a perfect gift option for someone full of confidence and self-love.

Pendant measures 25mm x 28mm.