Have yourself an eco-friendly holiday season!

Have yourself an eco-friendly holiday season!

Posted by Ashley Crunk, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Intern on 11th Dec 2019

It seems as every family has holiday traditions -some families look forward to decorating gingerbread houses and cookies, others enjoy volunteering at soup kitchens, and others celebrate by decorating their houses for the holiday season. At LMC, we celebrate the holiday season with eco-friendly alternatives and giving back to ocean conservation. To help you add a new holiday tradition, we want to share five ways you can be kind to the earth. 

Reduce food waste and store leftovers responsibly. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a table full of food during the holidays! However, a lot of that food goes to waste. It is estimated that a staggering 4.2 million plates of turkey and turkey trimmings are thrown out each Christmas! There are a few ways to avoid food waste: 1. Carefully plan your meal to avoid excess food. 2. Properly store leftovers with products like LMC’s Bee’s Wrap. 3. Invite friends over and enjoy a second celebration!  

  Bee's Wrap Sandwich WrapBee's Wrap Assorted 3 Pack

Choose natural decoration alternatives.

When deciding how to decorate your home this year, try to reduce the amount of plastic greenery you use. Consider purchasing a fresh tree instead of an artificial one (they smell wonderful) and trimming your rails with fresh pine. When purchasing ornaments and other decorations, collect items that support a good cause or mean something special to you, like this adorable Sea Turtle Ornament.  

Sea Turtle Ornament

Wrap gifts sustainably. 

There are many responsible alternatives to traditional wrapping paper. One common way is to wrap gifts in paper bags from the grocery store. Another newer way gaining popularity this year is wrapping gifts in fabric, using various knots. If you want to wrap sustainably this year but don’t want to DIY, wrap gifts with reusable bags like this one from LMC; it’ll be like giving two gifts!  

LMC Red Cross Reusable Bags

Purchase eco-friendly gifts that give back. 

Give a gift this holiday season that gives back. LMC’s sustainable line not only supports sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation, but it is also environmentally friendly! Giving a reusable Water Bottle (pictured below), bamboo utensil kit, or produce bag to someone shows you care for them and the earth too. Want to be even more environmentally responsible this holiday season? Ship your gifts directly to out of town recipients to cut down on gas used to transport your carefully selected gifts. 

The Boulder Water Bottle