Finding Nemo - Nemo’s Big Race Children’s Book


Pixar’s Finding Nemo’s Big Race Children’s Book

Nemo races through the ocean as cute plastic baby turtles disappear one at a time as the pages are turned in this adorable counting book! 

It’s the day of the big race! Nemo is super excited, but his friend Sheldon is not so sure. When Sheldon starts falling behind, Nemo encourages him to “just keep swimming.” One by one, the other racing turtles disappear as they pull ahead. Nemo doesn’t leave his friend’s side and their friends show up along the way to cheer them on. In the end, all the racers are at the finish line cheering them on as they finish. Sheldon learns that in the end winning isn’t everything, it’s trying your hardest that counts. The book sends the positive message to support your friends as well as helps children learn to count.

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Finding Nemo - Nemo’s Big Race Children’s Book